Welcome to Camp Mark 7
 ONLINE REGISTRATION  for Summer 2024 will open on Sunday, January 7, 2024 ~ CLICK HERE, ACTIVE

2024 Camp Registration/Refund Policy, Instruction in ASL Video plus Payment Deadlines for all camp programs, click here! (to be updated soon) 

Announcement for all parents, campers, staff and counselors: 

M7DF CM7 COVID-19 Restrictions DISCONTINUED, click here for more information!

The Mark Seven Deaf Foundation Board had their meeting on March 18, 2023 and voted to remove the CM7 COVID Restrictions.

Based upon the CDC (Center of Disease Control) and Biden Administration's termination of the Covid Emergency, Camp Mark 7 has discontinued its rules and restrictions regarding COVID.  Please understand that Camp Mark 7 reserves its right to reinstate and/or impose new COVID related restrictions and rules in the future should circumstances warrant.

2024 CM7 Summer Camp Schedule, click here! 

*** Please note: Our tuition rates for 2024 remains the same as 2023 ***

2024 Camper Forms, click here! (to be updated)

Financial Assistance: Tuition Assistance Applications for Campers, click here!  (to be updated)

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Located in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York, Camp Mark Seven, is a peaceful, welcoming retreat with a vast array of life-affirming educational, recreational and spiritual programs for deaf, hard of hearing, and KODA/CODA individuals. CM7, established in 1982, is home to outdoor and waterfront activities such as mountain hiking, kayaking, canoeing and swimming. Fun, adventure, safety, and great camaraderie in ASL are our passion for the campers.

Our program is unique and has left a lasting impression on each and every camper and staffer. With campers and participants from all 50 states and several countries, we value full communication access at CM7.

To learn more about what we have for you, explore our programs.  Be sure to also check out our wonderful CM7 milestones!

We look forward to having you here!