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 Special Announcement from Camp Mark Seven

Special announcement regarding cancellation of CM7 Summer Children/Youth/Teen  2021 Camp from CM7 Camp Director

The Board of Directors of the Mark Seven Deaf Foundation and the management of Camp Mark 7 have been closely following the developments with the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), the Center of Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and other developments throughout the country on the status of our Covid-19 pandemic and the very recent availability of vaccinations for children/youth. 

Unfortunately, to this day, the NYSDOH has not issued an announcement for guidelines pertaining to overnight camp programs for New York.  With this in mind, the board carefully reviewed the CDC guidelines for overnight camps, as it is likely that the NYSDOH will establish guidelines that closely resemble the CDC guidelines or possibly prescribe more stringent standards than the CDC guidelines. 

The CDC COVID-19 guidelines for overnight camps contain requirements that Camp Mark 7 is unable to fully satisfy. The guidelines call for grouping campers into cohorts e.g, campers divided into small groups with their own cabins/sleeping quarters and which remain the same throughout the entire program session, allowing only limited interaction with other campers during outdoor events.  Other guidelines cannot be met due to lack of filtration and ventilation in the Mohawk Lodge, the lack of a large facility to keep available for the purpose of quarantining should one or more campers become exposed to or ill with the virus.

For these reasons, the members of the Foundation Board and CM7 management met earlier this week, and after much discussion and careful consideration of all information available about Covid-19 and the CDC guidelines, we have made a very difficult decision to cancel all of our children/youth/teen summer programs for 2021. This unanimous decision of all involved is most difficult in that it will be the second time in a row in the history of CM7 that we will be unable to offer summer camp programs to our deaf, hard of hearing and KODA campers.

We have made this decision in the belief that it is the best way to protect the health and safety of everyone in our CM7 community - our campers, parents, staff and the Old Forge community during this improving but still challenging and unprecedented situation. 

In making this decision at this time, we have also taken into consideration the need for the families of our campers to make alternative plans for the summer. We are again devastated that we are not able to host summer children/youth/teen programs at CM7 for our campers during the 2021 season, however, the board has approved to have the following:

~ Back by popular demand, and due to the phenomenal success of the Deaf Film Camp and Deaf STEM Camp Virtual Webinars last summer, CM7 will host virtual children/youth workshops for this 2021 summer.  More information will follow.  

~ All adult programs including, ASL Immersion Week, ASL Family Week, CM7 Family Week, Bible Week, and Active Deaf Adults 55 plus Week will all be rescheduled to the full month of August 2021 at Camp Mark 7. Please refer to the August dates for these programs. These programs can be allowed because they involve adults ages 18 and above, and because parents who come with children to  ASL/CM7 Family weeks, are responsible for their children and can make any necessary health care decisions and arrangements that may be necessary in the event of any Covid related illnesses. Even then however, to enjoy a vacation at CM7, everyone will be required to show proof of vaccination as a condition of attending.  For more information about revised tuition and dates, please visit our website.

Because our summer children/youth/teen programs have been canceled, you will be receiving a full refund of all monies paid for the 2021 summer programs including the deposit paid at registration which is generally non-refundable. A full refund will be issued within the next few weeks. 

We thank everyone for your patience during these challenging times. We look forward to serving those who attend our adult and family programs again this August.  Hopefully we can re-open the full camp programs for children/youth for summer of 2022. 

We also hope that generous contributions and successful fundraising events will allow Mark Seven Deaf Foundation to add new and improved facilities on our newly acquired properties so that Camp Mark 7 can be in better position to operate our camp programs in the event of future challenging events and times as we have experienced last summer and this summer.

Please do remain in touch with CM7 updates through our website and Facebook page, “Mark Seven Deaf Foundation, Inc Camp Mark Seven.”

Please stay healthy and safe.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Will I get a refund including my deposit?

You will be receiving a full refund of all monies paid for the 2021 summer programs including the deposit paid at registration which is generally non-refundable. 

Full refunds will be issued within the next few weeks in the form of checks to the parent/guardian and the mailing address in which it was registered during the online registration process.  Any additional refund-related questions may be emailed to the Camp Director, Dave Staehle at

Can my paid tuition and deposit fees be transferred to the 2022 Summer Programs?

Unfortunately, due to several factors and complications in doing so, CM7 will not be able to transfer tuition fees to the 2022 Summer programs.

Can our kid(s) be guaranteed a spot for the 2022 Summer programs?

Regretfully, due to several factors and complications in doing so, CM7 will not be able to grant this request.  Registration 2022 will resume utilizing the same process we use every year in January 2022. Announcements on the dates for 2022 will be made after our M7DF Annual October meeting this fall.

Will ASL Immersion Week, CM7 Family Week, ASL Family Week, Bible Week and Active Adults 55 plus weeks still be available?   

Yes, the board has approved these programs to continue starting in August 2021. Please refer to our program schedule for more information about the re-scheduled dates, registration and tuition. 

Will CM7 be available for retreats and/or events in the fall?  

Yes, please contact Dave Staehle if you would like to make a reservation for your group. 

Will there be a virtual camp of some version, which allows campers to meet online for the duration of the summer programs?

Back by popular demand, and due to the phenomenal success of the Deaf Film Camp and Deaf STEM Camp Virtual Webinars last summer in 2020, CM7 will host virtual children/youth/teen workshops for this 2021 summer.  More information will follow.



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