Video Recording and FAQs from April 6, 2022 Virtual Session



Here's an edited recording of the CM7 Virtual Q & A session. This recording captures an overall summary of Dave's presentation, and the questions and answers.   A list of frequently asked questions from the virtual session is listed below. 


  • Are all campers and staff required to be vaccinated to participate in this summer camp programs? 
  • Are campers and staff required to wear masks? 
    • According to NYSDOH (New York State Department of Health), there are no mask mandates for campers and staff with the exception that mask mandates be required in the  infirmary. Masks are optional and will be respected. 
  • Are the campers/parents required to be tested for COVID before they arrive? 
    • There are no requirements about this from NYSDOH. 
  • Does CM7 have a designated space for quarantine?
    • There will be a large tent set up as a quarantine/isolation unit on the campground separate from the main building.
    • The tent will be 16’ X 20’ next to the Infirmary cabin, accommodates up to 4 beds with 80 sq. ft each. We can put the wall between the beds upon direction from the the NYS, Dept of Health’s regulation.
  • What happens if a camper is showing COVID symptoms?
    • The nurse will administer the COVID test to the camper. If the camper is tested positive, they will be placed in quarantine for 5 days and that specific camper’s parents/guardians will be notified. *This guideline may change as we near camp pending direction from NYSDOH. 
  • Will the campers/staff attend activities outside of CM7?
    • CM7 will monitor COVID cases in the area and determine whether it is safe to go outside of CM7 at the appropriate time (i.e., waterpark, laundromat). We will make the decision at that time.
  • Has meningococcal meningitis ever happened at camp before?
    • No. 


  • Will there be an onsite nurse during the camp programs? 
    • Nurse/EMT will be there during all children's programs
  • Will we be able to meet with the nurse at drop off?
    • Yes, the camp nurse will meet each camper and their parents on arrival day. You will have an opportunity to discuss with the nurse about the camper’s medical needs. 

KODA & Deaf Programs 

  • How many children per camp counselor?
    • For Deaf Camp: 1 counselor per 6 campers. 
    • For KODA Camp: 1 counselor per 8 campers.
  • Where can I find the Form Checklist?
  • Can the camper forms be mailed electronically? 
    • No. All forms MUST be mailed. 
  • Will we have more information about the camp schedule?
    • Deaf and KODA Program Directors will provide a newsletter to the families with more information (i.e. what to bring, sample daily schedule) as time draws near.  
  • Can a camper arrive 1 day late?
    • Yes, be sure to communicate with the program director. 
  • Will the counselors be certified in CPR/First Aid or at least qualified to watch swimmers?
    • Yes, they are all required to be certified in CPR/First Aid. 
  • Will there be a swimming test to ensure their swimming abilities?
    • Yes, all campers must pass the swimming test on the first day of camp. We have two swimming areas for the campers pending on their swimming abilities. 
  • Will we be able to mail letters and things?
    • Yes. Please be mindful of the mailing times and this is a nuts-free camp. 
  • Are there any hearing staff during KODA camp or all Deaf?
    • KODA camp counselors are all CODAS (Child of Deaf Adults). For the Deaf Camp program, all counselors are Deaf. There will be a mixture of Deaf, CODA, and hearing CM7 staff (such as nurse, maintenance, kitchen, housekeeping) throughout the whole summer.
  • Who is the KODA program director?
    • Michael Conrad
  • Do they require all KODA campers to sign or is it all spoken?
    • There are no requirements for anyone in the KODA program to sign. All KODAs have varying level of sign skills.
  • Can parents come in the camper’s room and help set up their room? 
    • Yes, on arrival day. As long as they are vaccinated. 

If you would like to have a 1:1 chat with the Camp Director, Dave/Bella, please email