Electronics Use Policy for Summer Camp Participants


  1. Introduction:
    1. Welcome to Camp Mark 7 (CM7)! We are excited to have you join us for a summer filled with fun, adventure, and new friendships. To ensure a positive and inclusive experience for all campers, we have guidelines on the use of electronic devices during your stay at camp.
  2. Purpose:
    1. The primary goal of our electronics use policy is to promote face-to-face interaction, enhance the camp community, and create an environment where campers can fully engage in the camp experience. Limiting electronic device usage fosters a sense of connection, encourages outdoor activities, and allows everyone to immerse themselves in the unique opportunities that camp offers. 
  3. Guidelines:
    1. Device Restrictions:
      1. Campers are not allowed to possess any mobile phone or personal electronic device that has access to wifi, data service, or is able to transfer data. This includes smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, and any device the Camp Director determined to be a prohibited device. If a camper is found with a personal electronic device, the item will be taken away and secured by the Camp Director. The personal device will be returned to the camper upon camp departure. 
      2. Campers who are flying to CM7 may bring their electronic devices on their journey but must turn them to the Camp Director upon arrival. CM7 will store the device in a secure location until departure from camp. 
      3. If campers need to bring a device for specific reasons (e.g., medical devices), they must obtain prior approval from the Camp Director.
    2. Emergency Communication:
      1. In case of an emergency, campers may use camp-provided communication devices (i.e. video phone) with the approval of camp staff.
      2. Emergency contact information for parents/guardians will be collected during registration.
    3. Consequences for Violation:
      1. Campers found in violation of the electronics use policy may face disciplinary actions, which may include a warning or, in extreme cases, removal from camp. The severity of consequences will be determined by a camp program director based on the nature and frequency of the violation.
    4. Acknowledgment:
      1. By participating in a camp program at CM7, campers and their parents/guardians acknowledge and agree to comply with the electronics use policy. Please be respectful of the rules and partner with CM7 by communicating this message at home before the camper leaves for camp. This policy is designed to ensure a positive and enriching camp experience for everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation! We look forward to creating lasting memories together.