Summer 2013 Program and Event Dates

CM7′s Annual 1K Kids’ Fun Run, 5K Walk, 5K and 10K Run June 15, 2013  (Visitors Welcome!)

KODA Children Monday, June 24th – Saturday, July 6th, Tuition- $1150.00

KODA Youth Monday, July 8th – Saturday, July 20th, Tuition - $1150.00

KODA Leadership Monday, July 22nd – Saturday, July 27th, Tuition - $575.00

Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing/Cochlear Implants, Youth and Children's Session Sunday, July 21st – Friday, August 2nd, Tuition - $1150.00

Family Catholic Week Sunday, August 4th -  Saturday, August 10th

Bible Institute Sunday, August 11th – Saturday, August 17th, Tuition - $425.00

Seniors' Camp Sunday, August 18th – Saturday, August 24th, Tuition - $425.00