Job Openings

KODA Assistant Director

Seeking assistant director for the KODA Camp programs

Application due Feb 21, 2020 

KODA Assistant Director Application Form and CM7 Staff Application Form

Qualifications: Demonstrates excellent communication skills, including: Fluency in American Sign Language.  At least 21 years old.  Have experience in camping and supervising children/youth, or have completed a training course acceptable to the permit-issuing official.  Completion of 1 year of college is preferred.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Adheres to master schedule that lists on-duty times and job responsibilities.
  • Be involved with own assigned groups (e.g., assists them during Kapers, attends leadership talks, ensures appropriate behavior, eats with them, etc.).
  • Encourages campers to participate in activities, makes sure they show up on time for events.
  • Reports inappropriate behaviors of campers to the Program Director.
  • Be responsible for the health, safety, and personal hygiene (showers, clean clothes, etc.) of campers.
  • Makes sure campers are eating well-balanced meals.
  • Refers exhausted or sick campers to the Health Director.
  • Makes sure campers' clothing is warm and dry.
  • Takes a personal interest in every camper, encouraging each to achieve individual and group activities.
  • Provides feedback and supervision to the counselor team
  • Works with Program Director on recruitment and hiring for counselors