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Deaf Film Camp Program Director

ASL Version from DFC Board Chair: https://youtu.be/bNhIKR1pciU

Message from CM7 Camp Director

It is with great pleasure that I announce Camp Mark 7 has an opening for the Deaf Film Camp Program Director Trainee for Summer 2020.

The candidate will work with Michael Kaufer, the current DFC Director, who will serve as a mentor and assist with the transition of duties. The new Deaf Film Camp Program trainee will begin work in Spring 2020 and work at Deaf Film Camp at Camp Mark 7 during summer 2020, then officially begin role as DFC Director in Fall 2020. 

This summer will be Michael’s last summer as DFC Director.  On behalf of the CM7 staff, M7DF and DFC Board, we would like to recognize our current DFC Director, Michael Kaufer, for his outstanding work the past several years. Michael is moving on to new opportunities and we wish him much success.  It is our goal to ensure that the new DFC Director has a smooth transition with Michael’s support. 

Interested candidates should submit a resume and application form via our website by April 1, 2020. Applications must be sent to Dave Staehle. The Search Committee will begin reviewing applications upon receipt and review until the position is filled. Candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Thank you for your time and interest in the Deaf Film Camp Program and Camp Mark Seven. I can be reached at campdirector@campmark7.org or VP# 315-207-5706 if you have questions.

Sincerely yours,

Dave Staehle, Camp Director

Deaf Film Camp Program Director

Responsible to: Director of Summer Camp Programs

General Responsibility: Hires and supervises and evaluates program staff plans and coordinates the following programs staff orientation and training.

Qualifications: Hold a Bachelor’s degree. Be fluent in American Sign Languages (ASL). Be at least 25 years old, and have a minimum of 24 weeks of administrative or supervising experience in camping. Responding to Emergencies certification required. Previous employment and familiarity with philosophy of CM7 preferred. Must submit forms DSS-370 and DOH-2271 for related to background check and clearance.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Informs Registrar after October 1st of enrollment limits for the DFC program for the following summer.
  • Markets DFC program at Deaf schools and day classes with the permission of Director of Summer Camp Program and M7DF Foundation Director.
  • Hires DFC counselors, teachers and staff.
  • Helps plan and conduct staff orientation and training.
  • Coordinates and trains counselors and campers related to Fire Safety plan.
  • Reports and criminal conduct to the authorities.
  • Ensures that all rules and regulations are adhered to as required by the New York State Department of Health for Children’s Camp.
  • Acts a liaison between parents, campers and Camp Nurse.
  • Keeps clear and accurate records of activity, medical, and program needs.
  • Reports any serious injury, illness or abuse to the Director of Summer Camp Program.
  • Develops and implements a master schedule to be distributed before DFC program. Coordinates daily programs with input from counselors and teachers.
  • Plans and facilitates special events.
  • Develops an on-duty and off-duty schedule for the staff.
  • Makes sure there are back-up plans in case of inclement weather.
  • Lines up guest speakers.
  • Prepares all equipment needed by counselors and teachers during the course of the day.
  • Meets with each counselor informally on a weekly basis.
  • Visits each activity regularly, encourage the counselors to be innovative and creative.
  • Conducts counselors, teachers and Assistant Director’s evaluations at the end of the Program.
  • Maintains a high level of staff and camper’s morale.
  • Participate in fundraising activities for DFC.

Deadline to submit resume and CM7 Application Form to campdirector@campmark7.org: April 1, 2020