Job Openings


We hope that you and your families are safe and healthy during these unpredictable times.  The safety and welfare of our campers, counselors, staff and family continues to be Camp Mark Seven’s top priority. 

CM7 has announced our summer camp program schedule for this year, 2021.   Please bear in mind that the summer camp programs are subject to change and could possibly be cancelled again due to the coronavirus pandemic and guidelines imposed by the state of New York. 

We have proceeded with our online registration for all 2021 CM7 programs.  We are now proceeding with seeking counselors for all CM7 programs.  We are cautiously optimistic and look forward to serving you again for summer of 2021.  Please do remain in touch with CM7 updates through our website and Facebook page, “Mark Seven Deaf Foundation, Inc Camp Mark Seven.”

Please continue to social distance, wear your masks, stay healthy and be safe.


Seeking counselors for the KODA, Deaf Film Camp and Deaf STEM Camp programs

Responsible to: KODA Program Director and Deaf Programs Director (Deaf Film Camp and Deaf STEM Camp)

KODA Counselor application due April 15, 2021

DFC and Deaf STEM Counselor application due May 15, 2021
Qualifications: Demonstrates excellent communication skills, including: fluency in American Sign Language.  At least 18 years old.  Have experience in camping and supervising children/youth, or have completed a training course acceptable to the permit-issuing official.  Completion of 1 year of college is preferred.

Specific Responsibilities:
  • Adheres to master schedule that lists on-duty times and job responsibilities.
  • Be involved with own assigned groups (e.g., assists them during Kapers, attends leadership talks, ensures appropriate behavior, eats with them, etc.).
  • Encourages campers to participate in activities, makes sure they show up on time for events.
  • Reports inappropriate behaviors of campers to the Program Director.
  • Be responsible for the health, safety, and personal hygiene (showers, clean clothes, etc.) of campers.
  • Makes sure campers are eating well-balanced meals.
  • Refers exhausted or sick campers to the Health Director.
  • Makes sure campers' clothing is warm and dry.
  • Takes a personal interest in every camper, encouraging each to achieve individual and group activities.